About Us

The Strapped brand stands as a beacon and community for people seeking to test themselves, and serve our fellow Americans in a positive way.  We believe the best pathforward in accomplishing this is Strapping ourselves with the skills and equipment necessary to stand out from the herd.

1. Belief: Armed with faith—regardless of denomination—we reach our full potential as friends, parents and leaders. It’s a foundation that allows us to stand up, stand strong, and protect the people and ideas we hold dear.

2. Physicality: Our bodies are designed for work. When in peak physical form, we better serve as the protectors of those we love and live longer, more productive and more positive lives. 

3. Mental Acumen: Intellectual and emotional strength—especially in stressful situations—is critical to ethical decisions, mental health and leadership. Like Belief, a mind equipped with strength and clarity of mission pinpoints our focus on being the best human version of ourselves.

4. Protector - ongoing training in the martial arts, tactical skills and cardio allows us to lead by example as we teach our families how to protect themselves and those around them.  It’s our responsibility to equip our loved ones with the same skills we’ve learned to overcome adversity and Never Die Easy!